Strategies in StepN: Advantages and Drawbacks

1. Farming GST + Mystery Box


  • Lowest entry barrier.
  • Stable, predictable income.
  • Pleasant bonuses in the form of stones.


  • The unlimited supply of the token negatively affects its long-term price.

Requirements: Uncommon sneakers which will farm 300 GST per day (approximately 290 Efficiency for 20 energies) and luck with 5-6 chests. A good idea would be to invest extra points in comfort to reduce HP consumption.

2. Farming GMT + Mystery Box


  • Limited and predetermined number of coins.
  • More stable coin price.
  • Prospect of growth.


  • Higher entry price.
  • Expensive stones for comfort.
  • Lower earnings compared to GST (as of the writing of this article).
  • Income is unstable and depends on the number of players farming at the current time.

Requirements: Uncommon/Rare or Epic sneakers with maximized comfort. Luck with 5-6 chests.

3. Farming GMT on Rainbow Sneakers


  • Highest earnings.


  • Prohibitively high entry price.
  • Inability to sell the asset.
  • Decreased earnings with reduced sneaker durability.

Requirements: Rainbow sneakers with maximum stones. It's a good idea to catch a favorable price for rainbow sneakers ( can assist).

Understanding StepN: Strategies, Farming, and the "Move to Earn" Trend

In the dynamic realm of blockchain gaming and decentralized finance, StepN has emerged as a shining star, offering a unique blend of gameplay, rewards, and real-world implications. The platform leverages the "Move to Earn" concept, turning daily steps into digital assets, and making physical activity more rewarding than ever before.

Strategies to Maximize Rewards

  1. Understanding the Tokens: At the heart of StepN are its tokens - GST (StepN's primary in-game token) and GMT (which has broader utility across the ecosystem). To strategize effectively, one must grasp the interplay between these tokens and how they're earned and spent within the game.
  2. Daily Activity: Since StepN rewards users for their physical activity, the most straightforward strategy is consistent daily movement. While it might sound simple, integrating regular walks or jogs can yield significant GST rewards.
  3. Engaging in Challenges: StepN often introduces special challenges or events. Participating in these can provide bonus GST or GMT, enhancing one’s in-game wealth.

Farming GST and GMT

Farming, in the context of decentralized games, refers to the systematic and strategic acquisition of tokens. In StepN, this can be done through regular physical activity, trading in the in-game marketplace, or by participating in special events. By understanding the value dynamics of GST and GMT, one can effectively 'farm' these tokens, maximizing potential returns.

For example, holding onto GST during a period when its demand is low and then trading or converting it when demand peaks can be a lucrative strategy. Similarly, strategically using GMT in the in-game marketplace, or for other utilities, can amplify one’s rewards.

The Rise of "Move to Earn"

The "Move to Earn" trend, as epitomized by StepN, is a testament to how blockchain and gaming can intersect with real-world behavior. By incentivizing physical activity, platforms like StepN not only offer monetary rewards but also promote healthier lifestyles. This innovative approach has potential implications for sectors beyond gaming, including health and fitness, insurance, and even urban planning.

As blockchain continues to reshape industries, StepN stands as an exemplary model of how technology can bridge the digital and physical realms, creating value and enhancing well-being in the process.