v. 0.44


- Integration with stepn-market.guide

- 7 lvl gems added

v. 0.43


- Shortlink fix

v. 0.42


- HP calculation added

v. 0.41


- Added the current calculation of mystery boxes

- Expanded energy limit


- Durability calculation fix

v. 0.4


- Added lvl up guide

- Global structural renewal. Updated design

- Epic sneakers optimization avaliable

- 6 lvl gems added

- Enchanted sneaker stats update


- The optimization algorithm now calculates correctly for each sneaker level

v. 0.31


- 5 lvl gems added

v. 0.3


- short link and QR-code. Very easy to share your sneakers now!

v. 0.26


- Now all sneaker values are saved until you close the browser tab. You can open multiple tabs with different shoes - they will all be saved.


- Durability calculate more correctly, bun still not ideal

v. 0.25


- GST per day limit update. Now it calculates correctly

- 30 lvl sneaker rarity calculate update

v. 0.24


- Finally you can save and load your sneakers. Check it out. Fill the base stats for save your code


- Fresh update for mystery box chances. Great thanks to Lebf_3 ♥

- No more save values on leveling. Use codes

v. 0.23


- Major design update.


- Socket % bonus now calculated correctly.

- Fixed a bug when using a high-level resilience gem with optimization.

v. 0.22


- Added level 4 gems


- Added daily GST cap which depend of maximum sneaker level

v. 0.21


- Automatic stats distribution avaliable now, check it out! Don't forget to enter sneaker base points. Points are spent for maximum GST earnings (without mystery box chance count).


- Design rework for better mobile-friendly experience.

- The calculator now records all points spent when leveling up. But be careful: if you go back to a level where there were no points spent the data will be overwritten. Gems are saved too.

v. 0.1


- Release

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This project is free, and always be it.

Thanks for using it!

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Next feature

APY of the sneaker

Fully automatic, you will only need to enter the price of sneakers

General tasks

  • HP system calculations
  • Mystery box expanded mode
  • Mint profit calculator
  • Multilinguality
  • Strategy guides

Known bugs

Mystery box drop

As much as we would not like the opposite, the accuracy of the fall of the mystery boxes leaves much to be desired. The statistics indicate that the application periodically changes the coefficients of luck and spent energy. There are no exact formulas, the StepN balance is changed by the developers, and this is normal for the beta version. And it also makes the game more interesting!

Incorrect durability calculations for the walk

May differ by one point. This is due to the rounding of the amount of energy per walk and the resilience parameter of the sneaker.

To fix it - try to put 1-2 points into the resilience

Incorrect sneaker params with gems

This is due to the rounding of the parameters of the sneaker. The discrepancy is very small (about 0.1 point)