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User Guide

Welcome to the StepN.guide! Follow the steps below to optimize your sneaker's performance and maximize your GST earnings.

1. Selecting Your Sneaker's Rarity:

- At the top of the interface, you'll see a section labeled 'CHOOSE RARITY'.
- Use the arrows to scroll through and select the desired rarity of your sneaker. Options may include Common, Uncommon, Rare, etc.

2. Choosing the Type of Sneaker:

- Right below the rarity selection, there's a 'CHOOSE TYPE' section.
- Use the arrows to browse and pick the type of sneaker, like 'JOGGER', 'RUNNER', etc.

3. Determining Sneaker Level:

- Navigate to the 'SNEAKERS LEVEL' section.
- Adjust the level of your sneaker using the provided arrows. The level may impact your sneaker's attributes and GST earnings.

4. Setting Daily Energy:

- Under 'DAILY ENERGY', indicate the amount of energy you wish to allocate. The amount of energy can influence the sneaker's daily performance and earnings.

5. Configuring Sneaker Attributes:

- Now, you'll move on to the 'ATTRIBUTES' section. Here, you can adjust the characteristics of your sneaker.
- Efficiency: Dictates how effective your sneaker is in farming GST.
- Luck: May influence the drop rate of mystery boxes.
- Comfort: Can impact GMT earn and HP consumption.
- Resilience: Reflects the sneaker's durability.
- Adjust each attribute using the arrows. If you're unsure where to allocate points, hit the 'Optimize' button for system recommendations. If you make a mistake or wish to start over, simply press 'Reset'.

6. Information on Stones and Sockets:

- The interface also provides details on stones and socket parameters. Ensure you configure these appropriately as they can significantly influence the performance and value of your sneaker in the StepN ecosystem.

7. Reviewing the Calculations:

- Once you've set up all the attributes, move over to the 'DAILY INCOME' section. The interface will automatically calculate:
- The approximate amount of GST you'll earn daily.
- Durability consumption per day.
- HP loss percentage.
- Average level of the mystery box you can expect to receive.

8. Additional Features:

- Export Sneaker: Allows you to share your sneaker configuration with others.
- StepN Market Charts: Provides insights into market trends and sneaker valuations.
- Find This Sneaker: Directs you to the StepN marketplace where you might find sneakers with similar configurations for purchase or sale.

Utilize this tool to its fullest to ensure the best returns on your StepN journey. Good luck!